Morning Connection Live From Los Angeles
Morning Connection Live From Los Angeles Teacher: Kabbalah University - Location: Los Angeles Start Date: March 26th, 2017 8:00 AM (Los Angeles time) End Date: March 31st, 2017 9:00 AM (Los Angeles time)

Every day we have the choice of being influenced by the prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty and the resulting chaos that appears in our lives or we can choose to restore our consciousness to one of certainty and positivity.

To accomplish this transformation the kabbalists have created a system of daily prayer, meditation and connection that allows us to connect with this reality of certainty and positivity known as the Tree of Life Reality.

The Morning Connection, known as Shacharit, arouses the spiritual force known as mercy which helps keep chaos and judgment from our lives. When we come together as a community to make these connections we create unity between our physical world and the upper worlds, creating circuitry that allows this energy or Light to flow to the entire world.


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In the midst of such chaos in my life, I have been able to find peace through studying Kabbalah. Without any doubts whatsoever, I would highly recommend anyone to call. I am so thankful for The Kabbalah Centre, because it has made all the difference in my spiritual growth and development.

- Susan Perry Simpson

Kabbalah is the best gift I have had this year. But it did not come easy. It is a result of a lot of hard, focused, and disciplined work my teacher guided me through. Often I had to go out of my comfort zone to apply the tools. But the satisfaction and confidence I now feel is indescribable.

- Sam Parnaso

Now I look back and question what exactly I did and how I managed without these teachings in my life.

- Christopher Smith