The New Moon of Gemini
The New Moon of Gemini
Teacher: Rav Berg, Karen Berg, Michael Berg,
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The New Moon of Gemini
Topic: Astrology

Gemini is a month of spiritual Light and revelation. Many spiritual secrets were revealed in the cosmos during this month. 3,400 years ago, the revelation at Mount Sinai occurred on the 6th day of Gemini As the kabbalists teach, this was an event of cosmic unification drawing the Light of Binah and energy of immortality to our physical world, if only for a brief moment. This same revelation of energy is available to us each year if we are aware of the opportunity that exists and have the tools and consciousness to connect with it.

These lessons presented on the New Moon of Gemini help elevate your consciousness  and present tools, so you can avoid pitfalls and connect with the positive attributes available in this month. 

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